ashleyriott joins Team Gravity

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Apr 11, 2019

This week we are very excited to welcome our first female player and content creator with the addition of ashleyriott to the team!

Having played traditional games for quite some time it was only following spine surgery in April 2018 that Ashley picked up Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game, to help with her physical therapy.

After some time she was comfortably able to play for longer sessions and eventually decided to start streaming her gameplay to share her daily physio sessions with friends that didn't have VR so they could see how amazing it was.

In just over 6 months of streaming Beat Saber, other VR games and more, she has been able to foster an amazing community that she's incredibly proud of.

We love her drive and passion and think she has incredible potential as a VR content creator which is why we reached out and asked to join ash on her journey.

You can follow Ashley on said journey too by following her streaming and social channels below:




See below for our full twitter announcement:

Or, you can check out one of her latest highlight videos:

Apr 11, 2019

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