Cutting Cubes for Charity: A look at those behind the Cubes for Charity Invitational

Sep 21, 2019

This Saturday September 21, 2019 starting at 10am PST tune into for the first ever Beat Saber Charity tournament. Cheer on 16 of the world’s best block slicers—including Team Gravity’s own OrangeW and CoolingCloset—as they battle it out for the largest prize pool we’ve seen, all for a good cause! I sat down with the organizers—variety streamer and everyone’s favourite fluffy purple fox woops and Cube Community founder Amanatsu—as well as some of the participants to talk about Beat Saber, the invitational, and to get a look at their charities for you.

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ABOUT: I am woops, a Twitch variety streamer with a focus on rhythm games and VR. I also very much enjoy FFXIV and JRPGs.

BEAT SABER: I played Beat Saber since the day it came out, and have played it almost daily ever since. I was playing VRChat religiously at the time so when a new VR game came out I figured I'd give it a shot and loved it.

THE INVITATIONAL: Just felt like hosting a tournament, and why not make it for charity? Ended up winning a good amount of money from Twitch Rivals BL3 so I'm now excited to host the biggest prize pool tourney yet for Beat Saber.

MATCH UP: Flee and Logan for sure.


ABOUT: My name is Amanatsu and I'm a co-founder of Cube Community. I'm also a part of the ScoreSaber ranking team,and used to be a relatively high ranked player back in the ppv1 days of BeatSaber.

BEAT SABER: I bought beat saber the day it came out and played pretty much every day for the first 6 months or so. I don't play a lot nowadays due to irl commitments, online commitments, injury, and plenty of other factors. I originally got into the game because I just love rhythm games in general, and had been monitoring Beat Saber's progress since before it was released.

THE INVITATIONAL: woops approached me with the idea and offered to sponsor the event through his stream. He laid out some of the ground rules for the tournament and asked us (Cube Community) for help with organizing and managing it since we've done this several times in the past.

MATCH UP: Personally I'm looking forward to possibly seeing Atomic and Logan play again, since their matches are usually fun and enjoyable to watch. They're both really good friends and very good at the game.




ABOUT: CoolingCloset is my in-game name,people often refer to me as fridge, cooling or even freej.

BEAT SABER: I've been playing beat saber since last year's start of July. I initially found out about beat saber through one of woops' (a twitch streamer) highlight videos. Funny thing is, it wasn't a beat saber video, but a "beat saber in vrchat" video LOL. After seeing that I watched one of his beat saber videos and after that I fell in love with the game.

COMMUNITY: Besides just playing the game I also live stream over on and upload plays of beat saber maps to my youtube. Other than that I do occasionally make my own maps for the game and I am involved with ranking maps.

COMPETITION: None of them please god save me

CHARITY: I picked "Alzheimer Nederland" (English: Alzheimer Netherlands), mostly because my granddad had it. When he was still with us, we couldn't visit him much, because my parents worked busy jobs and we live a few hours away from my grandmom and-dad's house. When his alzheimer started getting bad, every time we visited he'd have a harder time recognizing who we were, especially me and my siblings.I chose this charity because I don't want other people/children to feel the same sadness of your own family not recognizing who you are.







ABOUT: OrangeW, some know me by "Orange", but I prefer OrangeW, either is okay though!

BEAT SABER: Since release, May 2018! I heard about Beat Saber through the LIV vids they put out a few months beforehand, and re-found out about it the day before the game came out

COMMUNITY: I am a staff member for the BSMG, and occasionally host tournaments, as well as make videos, and make maps!

COMPETITION: CoolingCloset, I love me some inter-team competition :eyes:v

CHARITY: I picked the RSPCA - all of my pets to date have been rescues, and I'd like nothing more than for animals& pets to be treated kindly and with respect!




Discord: OrangeW#2680



ABOUT: AtomicX or Atomic (or tay if you want to pepelaugh)

BEAT SABER: I'm basically a Day 1 player,bought the game the first week of release. I knew about Beat Saber since it was first getting teased and I saw a post on Instagram about it but wasn’t really that interested, but while studying for finals my senior year, I watched woops farming Country Rounds and thought to myself, "I want to play this game" so I instantly bought it and ended up playing Beat Saber more than I studied. I somehow still passed.

COMMUNITY: I was one of the first few people that started up Cube Community along with Amanatsu, Dani, and Pug but I've never really been good with planning or video editing so once everything kind of settled I slid away to just focus Beat Saber and IRL stuff.

COMPETITION: I’m looking forward to facing whoever I can because I know no matter who I go against I'll have a blast just being able to play.

CHARITY: I picked Wounded Warrior Projectnot because any personal reasons but Military is part of my family and I believe that they are one of the best organizations that help people who serve.





ABOUT: My in game name is Calvinisacat and the Beat Saber community just knows me as Calvin. On leaderboards, my name always has Calvin and something memey after :smile: .

BEAT SABER: I have been playing Beat Saber since June 3, 2018 and currently almost at 1,000 hours in it. I first saw Beat Saber on a Twitter post during an Overwatch scrim block, and showed it to all my team mates. I remember we all thought the game was super cool and talked about it later that night. I also remember saying I would keep an eye on it and instantly buy it when it came out, but I totally forgot about it and found out about it 3 months after its release, haha.

COMMUNITY: I used to help host Multiplayer lobbies for the Cube Community Discord. I am currently streaming, making videos for Beat Saber. I am also working on a huge project for when I hit 1,000 hours.

COMPETITION: Honestly, I will most likely lose in the first round and first losers round, haha. I'm happy to compete against anyone.

CHARITY: My charity is called "Best Friends Animal Society"!  I picked this because I simply love animals and I believe everyone who's able to should adopt a friend. I normally don't share personal stuff about myself, but for me,I was super omega depressed. After failing to go pro in Overwatch and giving up college, I always questioned my existence. I used to think "Why am I on this earth? Why do I work so hard and never get anything in return?"thoughts like that. I had already given up on life at that point but all of a sudden, I found a really handsome cat on the street! He looked really skinny and dirty on the streets and I felt really bad. I went to the nearest deli and bought him cat food and just left it there for him. As I was walking home ( I didn't even realize that he was following me ) the cat followed me all the way home hoping I would give him more food. I decided to secretly take him in and care for him. I bought him toys, treats, bed, litter box, litter, catnip, etc. I spoiled him so much, that he gained twice his weight and now he won't eat a certain type of food. Anyways, I didn't have any friends IRL, so I treated my cat as my only friend, as honestly my best friend. Whenever I'd have a bad day,he would always be there to comfort me (he follows me everywhere). Sometimes when I'm feeling extra bad, I talk to him and I feel so much better (It's like he listening but you know he only wants treats LOL) . I started becoming happy and less depressed the more I hung out with my cat. I started becoming active in my daily life and started to be a lot more positive. ANYWAYS, I'd feel like animals can make a humans life a lot better.






ABOUT: I'm currently bbbear-luxas on the leaderboards, most know me as luxas, luxass from texas, 2020 Lexus es 350 ultraluxury or car lol.

BEAT SABER: I've been playing since July 2018. I remember seeing the beat saber release trailer on YouTube and thought the game looked really cool. Then a certain VRChat streamer I'd been following started playing Beat Saber on release and after a month of watching woops slash blocks I decided to buy VR just for Beat Saber.

COMMUNITY: Honestly, I wasn’t involved at all in the community until I was invited into the Beat Saber Pro Discord(bspd). I ended up getting to know a lot of cool people and started streaming Beat Saber because of it. I'm currently working on a tech map playlist to help others with reading patterns.

COMPETITION: This is a hard question because I'd have fun going against anyone in this tourney, but if I had to choose then it would be probably be Garsh. I lost to Garsh during Interz’s random song tourney and would like to get payback.

CHARITY: Autism Society was a pretty easy choice for me. I have a family member who has autism and thought it would becool to support a charity that is involved in helping people with autism.




ABOUT: Silverhaze

BEAT SABER: I have been playing Beat Saber since the beginning when it came out. I heard about it from friends in VRChat. I used to play a lot of VRChat and hang out with some streamers at the time.They noticed Beat Saber pretty early and said we should play it. That’s also the reason of me getting pretty competitive to get the scores up against the others ^^

COMMUNITY: At the beginning I started to make some models for Beat Saber. I made my VRChat Kanna model public for everyone to use and that was quite fun to hear the reactions; however, in later updates for the plugin, it broke. I am also working on a Beat Saber Discord bot that could use some fun features for searching up accounts and latest play setc. I made a ranking feed and build it up to sync it with our Dutch Beat SaberDiscord. Since than I am actually only making the features for the Dutch server, although the feed it still in some other country servers.

COMPETITION: I don’t think I have played against Logan yet. I love his content and am switching rank often with him on the leaderboards recently. He helps me push my rank up. He is a great person and I love to play against him. If I could choose two it would be him and CoolingCloset since he is my makker of course.

CHARITY: I am the kind of person that thinks efficient and loves futuristic stuff. I was thinking about picking out a charity that helps people at the moment. But I love the idea of stem cell research being big in the future, that will help out people with all kind of different problems. I know the money will be spend well there and hope someday these researches help for a huge amount of people.





BEAT SABER: I got the game one month after launch, on June 1st, 2018. I saw a couple videos before the game's release and it looked pretty fun, but it wasn't until I saw some people posting mixed reality videos around mid-May that I decided to buy a Vive just to play Beat Saber. It wasn't a game like anything I'd seen before, and I had a feeling that one day it might have a competitive scene, so I figured that even if I got the game one month later than many people, I could still be competitive if I put in the time.

COMMUNITY: I really love the community surrounding this game, so in the later part of 2018, Souk (another top ranked Canadian player at the time) and I decided to form a community Discord server for Canadian players of the game which is still very active and growing to this day. I also hosted the first online Canadian tournament which was a lot of fun,and I'm planning on announcing another sometime soon.

COMPETITION: There are two players I am most excited to potentially face off against: AtomicX and Luxas.

I've recently gotten the chance to meet with AtomicX in person and I really respect his mentality when it comes to competing. The last tournament that we both played in together was CubeCommunity Summer Cup where he got first place and I got second, so I want to try and beat him this time.

The other player I'm excited to face is Luxas. He is a player who doesn't always try to place high on the global ranked leaderboards, but he constantly challenges himself to beat levels that most players aren't able to pass. We both share a love for the mapper BBBear and all of their very technical custom levels.

CHARITY: The charity I picked is Greenpeace, an international nonprofit environmental organization. I thought that for an event like this which has players and viewers from all around the globe, it would be good to put the money towards a charity that can positively affect all of us.


Twitch: https//

Twitter: https//



BEAT SABER: I've been playing since release, took a 6~ hiatus and have recently returned.

COMMUNITY: I'm staff for Cube Community and try and help where I can, although as of now that is not much. On top of that I stay fairly active in Beat Saber related Discords/streams and stream myself when I can.

COMPETITION: I'm not making it past round 1. But I’m excited to play against Luxas, love that guy.

CHARITY: I chose the Wounded Warrior Project, I chose this program because my whole family is a long strand of veterans, many of whom disabled, such as my dad. Plus I have an innumerable amount of respect for these people and what they do and how they keep us safe.





ABOUT: Garsh

BEAT SABER: I've been playing for about a year, starting around mid-July last year. I got into it because of how replayable it is. I got VR for 2 reasons: I was building a computer that could handle it, and I've always wanted a VR because of how cool it is. Beat Saber,being the most popular and well known game, I just had to buy it. I also got other games but eventually they got a bit boring as do most all games I play—but not Beat Saber. I could play it for hours with there always being more maps to play and better scores to get.

COMMUNITY: I have just recently started working on making custom sabers (with much help from Schwank, a really good saber maker) and have finished one already. Eventually I want to make some pretty cool sabers that I'll like using.

COMPETITION: I am hoping to get to play electrostats because we have been going back and forth on the leaderboards fora while now and I would like to put him in his place… or lose miserably which would probably happen.

CHARITY: I picked the Humane Society.There's not really a good story for it, just that I like animals, and this is a place I know of that really helps a lot of them.



ABOUT: My in-game name is Golfuh, I think mostly everyone will know what I am known for within the community but, to those that don't know I have an emote known well through the community known as wideGolfuh. It's just a stretched emote of me. So basically it makes me look like an elite player.

BEAT SABER: I've played since day one like most of the other players but what really got me into the game was the early competitive strive that was showing up on the leaderboards. I just wanted to show what I was capable of and I still feel like there is so much to improve on. I originally heard about the game through some people talking about it on VRChat. I looked it up and sure enough just the teaser that launched back in like February of 2018 I was hooked.

COMMUNITY: I stream a bit for the community to see and interact with the community because almost everyone that comes into my chat is super friendly and interested with the level of gameplay we are at.I love talking and hanging out with other players and love to be a part of community events. I'm at this time just starting my 3rd year as a Cyber Security Major while playing Beat Saber and can't thank them enough for introducing something that has definitely changed my life so thank you.

COMPETITION: All things aside I'm really excited to have the opportunity to compete with everyone. We all know each other at a great level of friendship and have fun together. The main person to compete with would be Lost Vint because we've crossed paths multiple times in past tournaments and we battle back and forth a lot. It really gives that competitive spirit but, we are great friends at the end of the day and I am blessed to be around all these amazing people.

CHARITY: The charity I picked is Extra Life because for gamers to come together to fight sickness and disease is one of the things that lets me know there is still good in every group of people. I work at a hospital as a patient registrar and whenever I see children come into either the ER or coming in for their appointments it's really hard for me.  Most of these kids that come are scared, they are unsure of what's happening. So, as a gamer myself, Extra Life is an organization that I can depend on to help kids like this either by funding their treatments or by providing gaming systems to hospitals. I just want to know that I am helping someone in some form by either just playing a game, or competing to try and give the opportunity to save someone's life.



ABOUT: I am known as Kaladaz, but also some people call me Kala. On the leader boards it is just Kaladaz

BEAT SABER: I have been playing Beat Sabera little over a year (since July 2018) | I first heard about it on the Oculus store page because this was around the time I first got my VR.  I wasn't trying to spend 20 bucks on a game so I moved past it. A few weeks later my little bro wanted the game so he bought it on my account so he could play it on my VR. He played it once then stopped, but I wanted to try it. I kept going and loved the game more and more then I went for ranks later on!

COMMUNITY: Other ways I am involved in the community is staying active in the Discord Servers for Beat Saber and always looking for a good tourney. Other things I am working on is better and different content for my YouTube Page (

COMPETITION: Logantheobald

CHARITY: I picked United Way charity because it helps multiple different causes. I could not choose one because I wanted to donate to them all so this was the one I think fit me the best.




ABOUT: LostVint

BEAT SABER: I bought Beat Saber on June15th, 2018. I had just gotten VR and I played like once a week for a couple months. The first time I saw Beat Saber was at my friend's house since he had a Vive a couple months before I did. He showed me how Insane Jones was in the invitational, and I was struggling to beat September on Hard. The reason I got into pp grinding is because a couple of top players came into my stream and told me that I was good at Happy V1 so I should play pp maps.

COMMUNITY: Apart from streaming Beat Saber,I make custom sabers. I wanted to make my very own special sabers one day, so I learned how to use Blender on Youtube over the weekend. Kyle showed me how to convert my models in Unity and make custom trails. The first public saber I released is the TwistVCOMMUNITY After I saw so many people using my sabers I got addicted to making them. Although I haven't released any public sabers in awhile, I do commissions and give all of my subs new sabers every month.

COMPETITION: I'm looking forward to getting absolutely obliterated by whoever I'm playing first round. Hopefully it's Golfuh, he's pretty wide and it'd be fun to play against him again.

CHARITY: I picked the AI for good foundation because I didn't want to pick the same thing as someone else. I didn't know which charity to pick because I don't really have any special stories relating any charities, so I just picked one that looked interesting.






BEAT SABER: I have been playing Beat Saber for about a year and 4 months. It’s hard to remember how I exactly got into it,but I think I was looking for VR games to play as I didn't use my Oculus Rift that much and I saw Beat Saber had been released recently and decided to pickit up and here I am today.

COMMUNITY: I’m not really super involved like others in the community, I play the game, talk in Discords, play in tourneys, and stream on Twitch sometimes. I’m not currently working on anything huge just trying to revive my stream a bit.

COMPETITION: I am looking forward to facing everyone in the top 5 as well as Flee and Logan who always perform outstandingly.

CHARITY: I picked National Stem Cell Foundation as my charity because I believe with the donation they can move closer to funding cures, changing lives, develop future researchers, move clinical trials forward by providing access to patients in need and fund the most promising research. There is no special story.




Sep 21, 2019

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