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Apr 29, 2019

As many of you may have noticed over the weekend, especially those within the Echo Arena community, we have been missing one of our figureheads this week in the form of Affenterror.

Unfortunately, we regret to announce that Affen will now be stepping down for the remainder of the season due to health reasons.

We won't go into the details for the sake of his privacy, but we will say that at the end of the day his health—both physical and mental—is more important than any game, and we fully support him in his decision to step back and focus on what is most important. We will be continuing to support Affen wherever we can as both a member of Team Gravity, as well as a good friend to all of us, and we wish him the best in his recovery.

We would also like to take this opportunity to highlight that mental health and the impact that working, or competing within an often stressful environment, is not something that should be taken lightly.

To anyone that is struggling for any reason—be it in or out of game—please never feel afraid or ashamed to reach out to your team, community leaders, friends, or family to ask for support. We all understand that competing like we do can be amazing; however, for every high there is a low. Please remember that there are people out there ready to talk and listen when you need it. Please remember that you are not alone.

For our Echo Arena team this obviously leaves a hole to be filled which is why, as many may have noticed over the weekend, Tutorial Bot has stepped up as the newest member of Team Gravity.

Although these circumstances are obviously less than ideal for anyone joining a new team, Tutu has done a great job of training with Viatrex and Boop this week—even helping to secure another first place over the weekend with just over four days of practice as a team.

These are definitely big shoes to fill; however, myself and the team are both confident that with work and training over the coming weeks Tutu will be a great addition, enabling us to continue pushing forward towards our goal of competing in the World Finals.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support. Lastly, from everyone at TG we want to give huge thank you to Affen for his incredible work over the last year. We hope that you are feeling more like yourself again soon.

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Apr 29, 2019

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