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Team Gravity

May 8, 2019


Founded in 2017, Team Gravity is the leading professional VR Esports organisation in the world. At it's core, our organisation is a collective of talented, professional, VR athletes that consistently rank amongst the worlds best.

Our teams and players compete in a range of titles including Echo Arena, Echo Combat, Space Junkies, Beat Saber and more.

To date, we have competed at some of the biggest gaming events on the planet such as ESL One, IEM Katowice (x2) and Oculus Connect as well as multiple VR League World Finals (next one coming up in June!).


We are looking for the best VRC Avatar & World creators to work with us on a long term commission as part of an ongoing project:

Primary: TG Avatar(s)

The project itself will first and foremost include the commissioning of a Team Gravity Avatar as well as unique variations based on some of our players. You could consider this a virtual equivalent of a "Team Kit" of sorts and as far as we know will be the first of it's kind for a professional gaming team.

This, in and of itself, will be a massive undertaking as we are really looking to go all out in creating something that is truly unique.

Secondary: World

Further to the custom avatar we are also interested in exploring the options available for commissioning a custom Team Gravity VR Chat world space for our players and fans.

Although we very much appreciate that there is a spectrum of skill sets when it comes to custom avatars and worlds we would like to stress that we are looking to work with the best of the best on this project.


In terms of the style and art direction the avatars will be focused towards Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk, fitting within our existing brand styling but with slightly more human touch.

This will favour any creators with experience modelling the following styles/features:

- Mech/Sci-Fi

- Anime (face & body styling/proportions)

- Custom Modelling (from scratch)

- Emissive Textures/Materials

- Holography (Modelling/Textures/Mats)

- Particle Effects

- 3D Animations

- Advanced/Dynamic Rigging

This will be in addition to the usual suspects such as Visemes, Emotes, Eye-Tracking etc.

(Customised TG Echo Arena avatar, although this isn't exactly what we want it is in the same ballpark - see concept board for more)

We are also currently exploring options for OC/character concept artists to work with us on visualising this so applications will also be open to those interested in working with us at the concept level early on.

Any Avatar/World creators that have preferred OC/character artists they would recommend we would also love to hear from you.

Concept Board: https://www.pinterest.com/vr_jersey/gravity-avatar/


Based on the criteria outlined above we will be opening an application process so that creators can submit their details, portfolios and requirements for consideration.

Application deadline will remain open until we have confirmed more specific terms (such as concept design) for what work is required. Following which we will be looking to decide on who we will be partnering with for this project (based on applications) and provided the project is successful, on an ongoing basis.

Rates/Budget: Negotiable

Although we hope that exposure will play some part in costings we are not expecting anyone to work for free and are open to conversations at all levels regarding time and budgetary requirements.

-----------> APPLY HERE <-----------


We are looking for the best community creators out there for Avatar & World space commissions to work with us on a one of a kind project and a unique opportunity.

Any work completed as part of this project, as well as the artists we work with can expect to see significant exposure both through ourselves and our partners on this project.

We will also be looking to establish ongoing working relationships with those involved as we expect new commissions and amends to come as a natural part of this process.

For creators, we can't wait to see your applications and for everyone else we can't wait to share what we have in store for this!


You can reach me on discord at VR Jersey#0027 or over email at tim@teamgravityvr.com

May 8, 2019

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