Team Gravity comes top in Europe


Dec 15, 2018

Established in 2017, Team Gravity has grown to achieve major success, and is now regarded as one of the top teams globally within VR eSports. Competing across multiple VR League titles such as Echo Arena, Sprint Vector and The Unspoken, Team Gravity is one of the first professional VR only eSports organisations in the world. The current line-up is comprised of four members - Tim ‘VR Jersey’ McGuinness, Dennis ‘Affenterror’ Ahrweiler, Philipp ‘Viatrex’ Rietdorf and Rick ‘Flushgogo’ Bos.

The last major event Team Gravity competed at was the 2017 IEM Katowice, at which they placed fourth. They have been training harder than ever this season, and feel confident they will be even more successful at the finals this September.

“Having welcomed our new members Flushgogo and Affenterror this season, the team have been working hard to incorporate their strategies and style in to our game plan and have emerged stronger than ever before. Qualifying this year hasn’t been easy - the increased interest in VR eSports means there are more players, and less spots. However, we have had an excellent season and have been racking up wins across multiple competitions and games.


 Whilst some matches were very close, we have consistently prevailed, coming top at World Final qualifiers for all three games we compete in. Flushgogo has truly impressed us, placing first and second respectively in The Unspoken and Sprint Vector, and the rest of the team have mirrored his success in Echo Arena. We are proud to say that going into these finals Team Gravity are the top team in the EU, and we can’t wait to continue this success.

 Right now, we are seeing the start of an industry that will take things to the next level, as it merges the cutting-edge technology and strategy of online gaming with the physical demands of traditional sport. This is the future, and we are more than just a gaming team - our goal is to provide support for players looking to compete in the world of professional VR eSports, and to show the world how truly incredible VR eSports is. We are beyond excited to be attending the finals in San José!”

Team Gravity


The VR Challenger League World Finals will be taking place in San José, California at Oculus Connect 5 on September 26th and 27th, and can be streamed live from 18:30 GMT at


More information regarding the VR Challenger League is available on

Dec 15, 2018

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